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BBNaijaS7 Day 36: Full Gist on How Week 5 went down in the Big Brother House. – Videos

Day 35: Week 5 in the Big Brother House – BBNaija

The fifth week in the Big Brother House was truly amazing, involving everything from a merging of both Levels to fake Nominations, quarrels, and make-ups in between.

Housemates Kess and Pharmsavi left the Big Brother House on Sunday of last week. Soon after the Sunday Live Eviction Show concluded, Big Brother shocked the Housemates with a shocking turn of events.

Additionally, the Housemates were given a party to celebrate the merging of the two Levels. However, living in a combined House hasn’t been without its ups and downs, and as usual, we were privy to all the emotions the Housemates experienced.

Chichi and Diana immediately got into a furious argument over closet space. Diana put some of her items in Deji’s closet on Sunday while the Level 1 Housemates were organizing their belongings following their merger.

A screaming match broke out because Chichi, who had been getting close to Deji in the days leading up to the combine, didn’t like what Diana had done.

Because of how heated the dispute was, Big Brother addressed it on Monday night and issued Chich a severe warning in addition to a penalty. Chichi was instructed to write in a notebook, “I promise not again destroy the property of my fellow Housemates.”

Housemates were split into males and females for the Head of House games. They had to use their lips to carry dankuas from one half of the Arena to the other.

Because they were carrying more than one dankua at once, all of the male Housemates were disqualified from moving on to the following round.

Chomzy became the first female Head of House

Only Bella and Chomzy advanced to the final round, where they had to match the candy ball color combinations that the Ninjas had showed them.

Bella was the first to finish after a tight last round, however she received the incorrect candy color combination.

Chomzy, who correctly identified the color combination, was named Head of House, becoming the season’s first female HoH.

Fake Nominations

The BBNaija Housemates were called into the Diary Room one by one for their Nomination Sessions following the HoH games. Each housemate was asked to suggest two other housemates for this Sunday’s potential eviction.

Chichi had eight nominations when the nominations were finished, putting her in the lead. Sheggz and Hermes each garnered four nominations, while Adekunle and Doyin each received seven. Due to their lack of urgency when called, Big Brother made the decision to nominate everyone.

Biggie did not inform the housemates that the nominations were fake and that no one would be evicted out this Sunday.

Some ships docked while others sailed

When Groovy entered the garden doors on Sunday night at the merger party that Biggie organized for the Housemates, Phyna, who had been yearning after him ever since he was promoted from Level 2 to Level 1, was ecstatic. The two got back in touch right away, and their ship hasn’t anchored since.

Everyone in the House was taken aback when Amaka and Giddyfia decided to wed after the Merger party. Throughout the celebration and immediately following it, the two were nearly always together. Amaka was heard saying that Giddyfia’s bed was in the bed next to hers.

Diana was once romantically involved with Giddyfia, so Amaka spoke to her in secret to learn her position on him. Amaka was given permission by Diana to be with Giddyfia if she wanted him.

Amaka made the decision to put Giddyfia in the friend zone after giving it a few days. The ship appears to be hurting Diana, she said, telling Giddyfia.

Amaka went on to say that she would chose friendship over her feelings for Giddyfia if she had to choose between the two.

GrooPhy Rumour

A rumor that had no apparent source was at the center of Groovy and Phyna’s ship. The main claim of the rumor was that GrooPhy had led their ship to uncharted waters by engaging in sexual activity in the House.

Chomzy and Groovy had a conversation in which this gist was brought up, which Groovy didn’t take well. Groovy requested Chomzy to find out what it was so that its origin might be determined.

When Chomzy tried to find out who was behind the rumor’s spread, Chichi, Bella, and Amaka all pointed at one another as the culprit.

The issue remained unresolved and turned the women against one another since they all believed the other was intentionally stirring up the rumor.

Food wars

The effects of having 21 Housemates in one House began to become apparent on the fourth day after the merger in the food supply available to the Housemates.

The former Level 2 Housemates were forced to watch out for the meager food rations that were still available because of the diminishing food supply.

Sheggz’s decision to prepare some chicken for Bella caused Chizzy and Sheggz to argue. The two argued as Sheggz pointed out that the food belonged to Biggie and not Chizzy after Chizzy emphatically claimed that she would not be making any chicken for anyone.

Biggie addressed to the former Level 1 Housemate’s attitude towards the food supply that Level 2’s Wager win brought about in previous weeks.

Because it was up to the former Level 2 Housemates whether they chose to share their food or not, Big Brother advised the former Level 1 Housemates to develop humility.

Do you believe the Level Up Housemates will manage the number of Housemates in the House given the amount of drama that occurred in the first week of the merger considering there are no Evictions this week? Leave us a comment below.

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