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BBNaijaS7 Day 39: Day 39: Chichi, Eloswag, and Rachel in fight for all over Cleaning the Level Up House. (Video)

Day 39: The Level Up Housemates fight over Cleaning – BBNaija

Former Levels 1 and 2 Housemates experienced food problems as a result of the Level Up House merger. Now, cleaning is also turning into a problem. 

Each Housemate received a task during Chomzy’s time as HoH under the pretense that Biggie required them to do it for their Wager Task.

In addition to keeping the House clean, this step made sure that everyone was contributing to the cleaning. The Housemates, however, are currently lax. 

Chichi, Eloswag, and Rachel got into a fight this morning about who should clean the bathrooms.

Chichi was accused by Rachel of leaving toilet paper on the floor and skipping the bathroom cleanup. Chichi said he couldn’t use the place until she was finished cleaning, so Eloswag joined in. 

The other Housemates believed Chichi was purposely being disruptive during the lengthy conversation, and Chomzy even had to start a verbal duel.

The messiness problem persisted. Hermes was very irritated that an unidentified Housemate had messed up the kitchen and utilized the incorrect stuff.

Chichi also angered Giddyfia and Adekunle by placing a dirty plate in the sink that she claimed belonged to a another Housemate.

This messy problem has been present for a while. Do you believe that the only solution is to assign Tasks to each Housemate? Leave us a comment below.

See video below:

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