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BBNaijaS7 Day 9: Khalid and Daniella bond under the covers (Video)


BBNaijaS7 Day 9: Khalid and Daniella bond under the covers

While the Level 2 Housemates experienced Eviction nerves yesterday, Khalid and Daniella appeared to find a method to handle the pressure. The two Housemates, who have become close in recent days, climbed into one of the Level 2 beds to relax from their vivacious fellow Housemates.

All that was visible of Khalid and Daniella was the tops of their heads as they hid under the covers and made themselves comfortable. Kess entered the room after taking a shower and wanting to get dressed, interrupting the quiet moment. He suddenly appeared, but Daniella and Khalid were unfazed and kept the covers tightly over their heads. Kess began lotioning herself while throwing an enquiring glance at the bed.

Ilebaye and Bryann entered the room shortly after Kess, as if three people weren’t enough. When Big Brother instructed all the Level 2 Housemates to congregate in the Garden in order to prepare for their Eviction Diary Sessions, Khalid and Daniella’s little break came to an abrupt end.

At lights-out later that night, Khalid and Daniella climbed back into bed with each other, but they didn’t doze off; instead, they pulled the covers over their heads. On social media, a lot of #BBNaija viewers claimed to have seen the duvet move, but might that just have been them becoming restless?

Ahhh Daniella under duvet with Khalid 🫢 #BBNaija

— Kaydeyjkj (@kaydeyofficial) August 1, 2022

Biggie said they should gather in garden and Khalid and Daniella are not moving from under the duvet

— King Kai 👑 (@sarai_tee) July 31, 2022

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