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BBNaijaS7 Day 42: Wager Task Lost. Big Brother not impressed with Wager Task presentation. Hunger loading. – (Video)

Day 41: Housemates break a leg for their Wager – BBNaija

The Level Up housemates has just lost their wager task. This was instantly stated by Big Brother after the Friday arena game.

The Wager for this week has the topic “Fools and Horses.” The Level Up Housemates had to create a sketch or comedy that would last no longer than 45 minutes. We observed them working hard all week to hone their acting abilities, but it was not enough effort to get them a win. 


Real-world problems that we encounter every day were the subject of a play by The Housemates. In the opening scene, a business owner suspects his helper of keeping some of his profits for herself. Chomzy did a great job of passing off her ignorance of the fact that the jeans she sold Groovy cost N2000 more than she paid for them.

The creative spark of the partner really came through as their sketch progressed. The common theme throughout all five scenes was “one day guy go blow.” These stories were told in fragments over the five scenes. The core narrative followed Giddyfia as he attempted to navigate life after a disastrous job interview that led to a successful talent audition.


The Housemates’ sketch was successful because of how straightforward its mechanics were. Not only were the various plots told in a way that we could easily follow, but they also had humorous elements that made the tales stand out.

Was it not Chizzy’s character’s lover, Doyin, the slay boujee slay queen, who was too good for the restaurant they went to but ended up eating virtually everything on the menu? The most amusing aspect, though, included Giddyfia, who had gone for a job interview, chased the other candidates away, and claimed to Daniella and Dotun that he had 26 years of work experience despite the fact that he had only revealed his age to be 24.

Life imitating art

After everything was said and done, the play by the Housemates’ main lesson was to never give up. They shared an example of how someone could succeed in life with nothing more than guts and a little help from his buddies.

Giddyfia, who was rejected by Daniella and Dotun during the interview, told Adekunle and Deji about his situation. They learned that he could sing and urged him to participate in a talent contest after learning he could. As a result of following their counsel, Giddyfia won the talent competition with the catchy song “one day man go blow,” which the Housemates all sung along to.

Watch video of the Wager Task.

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