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BBNaijaS7 Day 43: Shella at it again, Chomzy and Eloswag, Daniella and all the after the Saturday Night Party Drama – Video.

Day 43: Housemates ramp up the affection after the Saturday Night Party – BBNaija

The Level Up Housemates prove us wrong just when we thought the previous Saturday Night Party couldn’t possibly be topped. The Level Up Housemates definitely kept us on the edge of our seats last night, from shippers letting their passion get the best of them in arguments to pals flirting with taking it further.

Shella at it again

While the Saturday Night Party wore on, Bella and Sheggz were seen having a heated argument after, Bella stepped out of line according to Sheggz by being rude. The pair even separated and Bella was seen dancing alone while Sheggz sang along to the music. After a while, Shella decided to talk about what was going on privately and this is when Sheggz was heard yelling, “I don’t care who you were with before, but you’re with me now, I despise it.” This garnered a retort from Bella who asked, “is it because of the guys here? Are you serious?” 

After the Saturday Night Party, Sheggz accused Bella of disrespecting him in front of other housemates and threatened to go back to his ex-girlfriend outside the house.

Bella got upset and told him she’s tired of the relationship, as usual Sheggz begged her and confessed how much he loves her.

Sheggz on his knees:

Sheggz: “I love you, I’m really fragile.”

Bella: “It’s okay. I know you love me”

Sheggz: “I’m sorry”

Bella: “I’m sorry too. Stop kneeling, please get up.”

Sheggz to Bella: I care about you, I care about you sister, your brother, you mom , your family but I häte how you treat me when you are annoyed.

Chomzy drives her heels even more into Eloswag’s chest.

Chomzy had resisted Eloswag’s approaches ever since Groovy entered Level 1 but at last gave in. When Chomzy elected to sleep with Eloswag in the HoH bedroom during her tenure as HoH, this was further established.

Since the beginning of her HoH reign, Chomzy and Eloswag had been spotted cuddling, but their PDA intensified when Chomzy was spotted suggestively grinding on Eloswag. We suppose that only time will tell if these two sha will ultimately ship or not. 

Daniella is shielded by Bryann from herself.
Daniella, in particular, had us all hooked to our screens by switching up her hairstyle and relishing the occasion. She might have enjoyed it a little too much, but Bryann was there to protect her whether she wanted him to or not.

To Dotun’s dismay, Bryann waited until Bryann went to bed before moving in next to Daniella after noting that Daniella had partied a little too much and leading Daniella into Allysn’s bed after aiding her when she fell ill.

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