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Daniella explains her ordeal with Khalid, Dotun

Daniella explains her ordeal with Khalid, Dotun.

Ex-Level Up Housemate on BBNaija season 7 Daniella has come clean about her escapades with fellow Housemates Khalid and Dotun.

The Level Up finalist claimed that she never had sex with Khalid in the Biggie’s House during her post-eviction interview with Net NG.

She also said that anyone who watched the viral video again would be able to know without a doubt that nothing, contrary to what many have said, had occurred under the cover.

Daniella also discussed Dotun, and she claimed that before Dotun insisted on finding her, he asked her if her relationship with Khalid was sincere and serious, to which she replied in the affirmative.

She also revealed that Dotun had told her that other Housemates had advised him to avoid her because of her relationship with Khalid, who has since been kicked out of the Level Up House, but Dotun has continued to pursue her despite their warnings.

Daniella thinks she was as honest as she could have been with Dotun about her stance on Khalid.

Below is Daniella’s statement.

“Absolutely, if you just see the video, nothing happened. There was no…. Can I use that word? I don’t now, there was no s3x in Big Brother’s House from me or Khalid.

“Secondly, the first day we merged in the Big Brother’s House, Dotun asked me, what you have with Khalid, is it serious? And I said yes.

“There were several times he would ask me about my stand with Khalid, and I’ve never discredited Khalid whatsoever. I think there were several occasions where I made it very very clear. So, I terms of explanations, I did give.

“Not to discredit Dotun, but he did tell me that people have told him to stay away from me and after he told me several times, but he refuses to heed to that and he keeps coming for me regardless. “I feel like in terms of that, I was as open as I could be.”

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