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Netizens takes Chichi to the mud over celebrity status tweet.

Netizens takes Chichi to the mud following her disclosure about not able to step out to market due to celebrity status

Social media users mocked has ridicled  former BBNaija season 7 Level Up Housemate Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, often known as Chichi, when she claimed to being unable to leave the house because of her celebrity status.

Chichi mentioned that she misses being able to go to a market or shopping center to do her own shopping.

She was implying, however, that things have changed for her now that she is a celebrity and that going out could result in her attracting a lot of attention from onlookers as well as admirers who might be clamoring for her presence.

The Level Up finalist made a note of this on her Twitter account.

Netizens takes Chichi to the mud over celebrity status tweet.

Netizens takes Chichi to the mud over celebrity status tweet.

“I miss being able to go into the store or market and personally shop for myself. Who wants to swap bodies with me for a day?,” Chichi tweets.

However, social media users mocked her on the platform because they believe Chichi has few supporters, leading her to believe she can cause trouble wherever she goes.

The assumption that there will be so many rivalries and hostility out there has always led certain entertainment celebrities to live fairly secluded lives.

See reactions below:

kanutonia3010: “We don suffer for this country sha .. As she no dey trend like others on a daily, she wants to take it by force.”

expressiqueen: “If you like don’t go out and do your daily errands she made so much noise about this celebrity status in the house my dear chichi live your life even the proper celebrities we have still go out n do their normal routine all this hype the end as soon as another season start.”

ladylola507: “If you sleep on the fame, you will slumber”. Chichi is effortlessly funny; Chichi dear, enjoy the attention;.make good use of it also. Because, it will disappear into oblivion if you and the rest HM do not wok on other things to stay relevant! I wish her well…!”

olakunbiabimbola: “Some of dis chichi’s haters will kill dem selves haba, hatred is a deadly disease, u can die mad, as if una no go born,she did what she did n she’s moved on to a better life,God gave her a chance y’all think ur hatred can stop God. y’all are not that important.”

ladylola507: “How are some of you angry over this tweet? Like Chichi will say “Angry birds” everywhere! Release your chest!!”

attraction_destinations_ng: “This people go use their hand put their self for depression. Wetin be this?”

eby_fabulousdesigns: “Better go buy what you want to buy before aguu egbuo gi oh.”

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