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BBNaija Phyna and Bella criticizes women who sleeps around for money (Video)

Josephina Ijeoma Otabor aka Phyna and Bella Okagbue, former Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemates and reality tv stars, make fun of their colleagues and other celebrities who prostitution for money.

In a video when they were seen together with their male colleague Sheggz, during a live Tiktok session, Bella and Phyna subtly poked fun at each other.

Phyna and Bella brag about how they bought their house, car, and other possessions. No one did it for them, they continued.

The two previous Level Up finalists said that they constantly feel proud of themselves because all they have now is the result of their hard work.

However, they emphasized that as long as someone is okay and can get a good night’s sleep, they should be free to carry on with whatever they were doing.

Below are the words of Phyna and Bella.

Bella: “When you work hard for your money, like you legit workhard for your money, every penny counts”.

Phyna: “Bella, opening legs for money is even nonsense”.

Bella: “It’s so sweet to make your own money. Do you know how it is now, I got my house and I beat my chest and say, I got this”.

Phyna: “Let’s take for example. Someone bought a house for you, but I bought mine by myself. How do you think we’re mates?”

Bella: “What they bought for you, I bought it myself. Phyna added, “What they bought for you, I bought it myself”.

Bella and Phyna: “It’s quite difference. It’s not the same thing”.

Phyna: “You see that thing that was given to you through giveaway, I bought mine with my hard earned money”.

Bella: “Whenever I walked into my house, I’m so proud of myself, because I did that. No one gave me the money and I didn’t use to do something not legit because I worked hard for the money”.

Phyna: “You didn’t have to wake up in the hotel every morning”.

Bella: “Yes, I didn’t it myself. I keep saying it. Do you and I’ll do me. And once I’m doing me, I’ll keep saying what I’m doing”. Phyna joined her voice, “As long as you’re okay and you can sleep at night. And all we’re saying isn’t paining you (they laughed)”.

See video below:

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