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Chomzy Positions Herself as Chioma Assassinates Her Personality

Chomzy has already begun sharing some highlights on social media as the BBNaija Reunion is the talk of the town.

But when she merely posted an innocent prayer point on Twitter, she did something that almost killed her reputation.

Chomzy hoped that God would surround her with good-intentioned individuals so that she wouldn’t be around anyone with negative energy while she was at Biggie’s house for the reunion.

Comments began pouring in as soon as she posted her wishes on Twitter, and one supporter in particular, who goes by the Twitter handle @Chioma00, called her out and emphasized that she should check for specks in her eyes before going in front of the public to pray.

Chioma questioned Chomzy’s purity and said that before making such a request, she should first consider the things she seeks.

Others who commented simply repeated the prayers for the former BBNaija housemate, wishing her the same things that she herself had wished for her, and hoping that she would release expensive music when the reunion did begin.

Chomzy Positions Herself as Chioma Assassinates Her Personality

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