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Movie Reviews: Fatimah and the burden of responsibility – Covenant

Despite her personal tragedies, Fatimah remains a strong and fearless leader who is always ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Fatimah Erhu is not your typical woman; rather, she is a formidable force that epitomizes courage and strength.

She presents herself to the outside world as a fearless leader who is not afraid to take on any task, yet beyond her unyielding demeanor lurks a woman who is weighed down by pain and sadness.

From the death of her husband and son to the everyday battle of parenting her stepdaughter, who can be quite the handful at times, Fatimah has suffered enormous loss.

Responsibilities and expectations
Fatimah has a huge duty on her shoulders despite her personal challenges.

She was chosen to serve as the deputy governor of Lagos State by her mother, the godmother.

However, this position carries a heavy burden of expectation from her mother as well as the people she serves.

Even as she laments the loss of her loved ones, she must uphold the Erhu family’s reputation and preserve the family’s legacy.

The desire for vengeance

The fact that justice has not been done in her husband’s death adds to her burden.

Santiago and Adaora, the two responsible parties, are unharmed and are being shielded by her own mother for reasons she does not fully understand.

Although Fatimah has a strong desire for vengeance, she must control herself in order to obey her mother’s instructions to back off and not intervene.

Fatimah and the burden of responsibility

Fierce Fatimah

But Fatimah isn’t the type to watch helplessly. She is a fighter, constantly prepared to face off against her adversaries.

She keeps her spies busy and her ears wide to remain on top of everything.

She manages her late husband’s enormous empire in addition to her position as deputy governor, which demands all of her focus and dedication.

It is unclear what fate has in store for Fatimah given the numerous conflicts she must wage.

Will she prevail despite the magnitude of her challenges? She will give it her best and battle tenaciously for her family’s legacy no matter what happens.

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