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Bella Attacked for Abusing Chichi, Reunion Gist Sparks Terrible Fight

The reunion has just recently begun, yet there is already a roaring fire between Bella and Chichi. It should come as no surprise that this reunion would be packed with drama and shades, but viewers did not anticipate these two females to appear in the drama’s first scene.

Bella and Chichi were not pals in the house, and they kept their distance outside of it. Gossips and derogatory remarks made within the house are usually shared to all housemates when they come out to reflect on their time on the show.

Bella must have seen how her romance was constantly mocked; Chichi even threatened to laugh at the connection when it failed spectacularly. The ships, however, did not proceed as anticipated.

Deji turned out to be the epic flop, while Shella has a stable relationship. Chichi attempted to disclose Deji’s crafty nature and how he maintains a second personality in the first episode; during her speech, Bella burst out laughing.

Given what Chichi had previously stated, this could be interpreted as an act of vengeance, but it appears emotionally cruel to laugh when someone else is attempting to convey their anguish. The laughs could have happened in secret.

This scenario has caused a debate between the two fan bases. Insults were hurled that would not have been necessary if Bella had not laughed when Chichi spoke about her trauma.

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