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Bella Breaks the Internet as She Fights Aggressively for a Man during the Big Brother Reunion.

Bella is one of the few female housemates who did not declare her allegiance to any guy by fighting or exchanging words with another girl.

She has always maintained a cool demeanor. This was not the case in the previous reunion episode.

Perhaps it was the past strain in her relationship with Chichi that prompted her reaction, but she supported Deji and even threw shade at Chichi as a result of Deji.

While Chichi explained everything that had happened to her and the psychological impact it had on her, Bella refuted her narrative.


She has always quietly advised Chichi that Deji is neither interested in her nor ready for relationships, according to her. Chichi simply chose to ignore the warning signs.

When Chichi spoke, she mentioned having receipts, most likely screenshots of WhatsApp communications, which would vindicate her, but she also complained about Deji filming her when she was reacting to being triggered, and she concluded by adding, “What kind of a lover does that?”

Bella questioned Chichi’s duplicity, asking how he could claim to have saved receipts while holding up the love card when it was his chance to make evidence against you.

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