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Bella Expresses Deep Disappointment In Her Relationship With Sheggz, but Relationship still intact

Fans of BBNaija expected more excitement or expressiveness from her, and this has raised speculation about her mental health during the reunion broadcast.

A video clip of some of their most intimate moments was shown.

The rest of the housemates were delighted with the love on display, especially because these two are the last couple standing, but it was clear from the film that Bella wasn’t. She didn’t grin, and she seemed a little stiff.

Ebuka saw this and inquired about the issue. This was the point at which she revealed her dissatisfaction with herself and Sheggz.

She believes she is a good girl who was raised to be so by her family. She and Sheggz did several things in public that she should not have done.

This was the reason she wasn’t smiling; she even stated that if she could do it all over again, she would not because it appeared she tossed away her home training because of a man.

Her words made it clear that caught-up-in-the-moment love wasn’t for her. She professed her love for Sheggz while also expressing her displeasure with the PDA that was compiled.

Speaking during the reunion on Wednesday, Sheggz said he was questioned by Bella’s family because of all that his ex-girlfriend revealed on social media.

He said: “I explained myself and she explained herself to her family. I wasn’t grilled but questions were definitely asked.

“They were definitely worried about some things because they were a lot of things out on the media about me.

“I had to explain a lot and made them understand who I am and she connected with my family as well. Since then it’s been great and they are now part of my support system.”

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