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Big Brother Naija Reunion show – All You Need to Know

The announcement of the Big Brother Naija reunion Show was made a few hours ago by the Organizers, to the screams of fans and supporters of the reality show.

This occurs just a few hours after Phyna Party, which yesterday, June 2, 2023, completely took over the internet.

Big Brother Naija Reunion show - All You Need to Know

Many show fans have been waiting for the official announcement from the Big Brother Team, so this announcement is timely.

Remember that the BBTitans winner Khosi also said she would shut down Nigeria in a week.

The Big Brother show reunion show will begin airing live on television in June, according to a post shared online by Ebuka obi Uchendu.

In the caption of the Instagram story he published, he wrote:

“Another one coming in few days”.
See the post below;

Big Brother Naija Reunion Show Annoucement.

Big Brother Naija Reunion show - All You Need to Know

‘What’s your problem?’ – BBNaija Amaka berates those criticizing her for not posting Phyna

‘What’s your problem?’ – BBNaija Amaka berates those criticizing her for not posting Phyna

Amaka Crystal Mbah, a former reality television personality and Big Brother Naija housemate, responds to people who have criticized her in her DM and comment area for not posting a picture of her colleague Phyna on her birthday.

Amaka highlighted how many individuals had given her hateful and insensitive words in her direct messages in a video response that she posted on her social media profile.

She went to Phyna’s Instagram page and wished her a happy birthday, the BBNaija star remarked. and went to her birthday celebration as well. She is shocked to see people pursuing her simply because she chose not to share Phyna’s picture on her account.

Amaka took care to warn that if people kept visiting her DM and comment area to worry about her life,  she’s going to be blocking them off her page.

Amaka’s words read; “I really want to address something. All these people coming to my DM to drop messages, insensitive comments, hate speech about me not posting Phyna on my story. What is exactly your problem because I want to know, what exactly your problem is.

“I went to Phyna’s page and said Happy Birthday Phyna. I went to the second post and said, well-done girl. I went to the third post, I said alright you’re doing well. These guys, you people will come to my page, because I didn’t post her on my story. Did I post Bella on my story for her birthday? Didn’t I go to Phyna’s party? Didn’t I attend her birthday party?

“So, what’s all these bad speeches that you people are sending to me? You people pretend that you love love and light. And some people would even say, Amaka did not look happy, like what exactly is your problem? Do you think I’m a devil just like you all, that I’m not looking happy? Is Phyna owing me money, that I came to her party and not looking happy?

“With the cost of fuel, with the cost of things in this Nigeria, do you think honestly I’ll attend someone’s birthday party and not fvck with the person? Like, I’ll spend my time, is that how jobless I am? “It’s over one year and I don’t need to please any human being. If I’m

not good with you I’m not good with you, if I smile with you, I’m good with you. And if you don’t know, nobody is feeding anybody in this celebrity life. Everybody is living their own life.

“I don’t know why you people will come with this hate speech. I didn’t even post Bella on her birthday. Does that mean I don’t love Bella? I love Bella a lot. And does it mean I have issues with Bella? I don’t
have issues with Bella. I didn’t even go to Bella’s birthday party because I explained to her I had some things I was doing. Does that mean I don’t love Bella? So, what’s Phyna’s own problem?

“I even went to her party. Can’t you guys just chill? Chill with all your hate. Just calm down. I don’t want to look for anyone’s trouble. But you people will just come, even when I’m on my own. You still look for something and just pin on me.

“Free me. I don’t have issues with you. If you’re coming to my comment or my DM to send me all those messages, I’m going to be blocking you, because I’m not looking for followers.

“Even before the party, I reached out to Phyna. I asked her how she was doing, and how is she putting up with the stuffs she was going to do at her party.

“I still believe that intentions matter. I don’t need to post you on my story. I already sent Phyna a message on her comment, Happy birthday. And I’ve already spoken with her in her party. I wished her happy birthday in her partner.

“I am not looking for followers, so if you’re going to follow me and you’re going to give me stress, I’ll block you. And I know my blocking does not do anything for you, but please let’s just respect each other’s boundaries”.

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