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Big Brother Naija’s Deji Finally Explains Why He Caught Chichi in his game

Since the third episode of the BBNaija Level Up Reunion Show, Deji has come under attack.

Chichi exposes his deceptive behavior, leaving him speechless and rushing to justify himself.

He defended himself by claiming he had specifically stated to her that he was not ready for a relationship.

“Don’t Tell Me I’m A Hustler” – BBNaija Chichi Fires At Deji, See Reasons.

He insisted on his innocence. He stated he informed Chichi of his intentions, but she was hesitant to agree.

Chichi, on the other hand, said he duped her into the relationship.

She said that she attempted to quit her relationship with Deji several times, but he pacified her with lies.

When challenged with these charges, Deji went into defensive mode. He told the story of the finale.

He stated Chichi was alone and that he felt bad for her. He stated that he was only staying with Chichi because he cared about her.

As a result, Deji claims that the relationship with Chichi only lasted because he felt sorry for her loneliness.

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