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Fans react as Tacha lauds Chichi over her speaking skills at the Reunion Show.

Tacha Akide, an ex-Big Brother Naija Season 4 reality star, praises Big Brother Naija Season 7 reality star Chichi in the ongoing BBNaija reunion for her speaking abilities.

Tacha revealed this a few hours ago after the reunion program aired today.

Chichi confesses to being in love with Deji in the viral video clip, despite spotting red signs in the relationship.

Tacha took over her Twitter account, as she tweeted, and I quote; 

“Love is not a crime I no keel person, Chi Chi speaks soo good!!”

See her tweet below;

Fans Reacts:

_symplypearls12: Seriously she wasn’t stuttering and we hear her loud and clear 😍 I didn’t know she was that eloquent

nengiscollection: Deji is Emmanuel promax😂😂 He made her believe she needs a therapist ,omo

cece_thescientist: chichi held it down. a one man army i support that. i respect doyin for not laughing at his bs. these housemates really annoyed including bobriskys playtoy Deji laughing none stop

okonofuaitohan: Definitely she spoke well, she only fell in love but unfortunately with a manipulate guy. Chi chi wear your crown all will be well

nessaslide: I Really Wept at Some Point. Chichi didn’t need to be my fave before I could relate to her Betrayal, Denial, Lies and Pains But I’m Happy She Stood Up For Herself And Defended Every Shit Perfectly. I’m Not Even Gonna Drag Her in This For one Bit. That Lady is/was Just MISINTERPRETED but Deep Down She Also Needs Someone To Stand Strong By Her And Be Everything She Doesn’t Have. Wish She Didn’t Fall Out With Phyna, but Everyone can’t Be Friends tho. ChiChi Be Strong as Always Ok?? Someone Originated and Designed For You by God Almighty Will Be There For You When You Least Expect it AMEN 🙏

favkay: I love ChiChi for speaking her truth

v33v_o: Deji,Dotun,Giddyfaya, we need to raise better men, zero content and intelligence but using women 100%

tessym46: This Tacha will never make her junior colleagues trend in peace, she always has to insert herself 😂

famakinwarachael: Pls my concern here is ‘why are the housemates laughing’ despite the gravity of what was going on in there or were they instructed to do so? Soo annoying and belittling

narrifilender5765: Chi Chi was on fire tonight 🔥🔥🔥glad she spoke her truth ❤️

fine_nenye: Deji is a mani..pulator and a gas..lighter. Such a terrib/e fellow.

gildasxaro: Our Queen has said and it final

official_fizzy_blinks: Chi Chi brought the whole “Tea 🍵 😂😂😂 love her so much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

olakunbiabimbola: @itschichiofficial ,d reunion has aired,,u are free now,d drags will end in no time and u will go back to ur life but always remember to put God first,he will shield u,light u way,protect you from weapon that are formed against ur glory,,u are a child of destiny,u will live to use ur glory by urself,u will leave remarkable marks on d earth,dos that rose against u will be washed away by d flood n u will come on top,people saw d devil today n it’s not you,God fought for u where you had few to come to ur aid,he is wonderful n he loves you,God will direct you henceforth,pls allow him,,,,Deji dug a hole but fell into it himself,he thought u will not be able to say it,he started stammering because he underestimated ur boldness n thank you for showing him how a STRONG woman bounce back from what was suppose to unmade her,you are d true champion,with ur story,successful brand are working with u and not him with d imaginary good reputation,that’s to show you God works in a mysterious way n he’s not human,imma need you to work on those brands u promise champs n put ur stuff out n leave d rest to GOD who has bin keeping u.

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