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‘First time in my life I’m celebrating a birthday’ – Phyna Reveals

After her first birthday celebration, reality television actress and former Big Brother Naija season 7 winner Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, shares her emotions.

The BBNaija actress, who turned 26 on Friday, June 2, 2023, posts a tearful message on her Snapchat page thanking God for her new age.

Phyna admitted that this is her first birthday celebration in her entire life. She mentioned that because of her poor family history, she has never had the wherewithal to celebrate her birthday.

She is expressing her gratitude to God for transforming her family’s and her own lives.

She writes; “This is the first time in my life I’m celebrating a birthday, l can’t believe me IJEOMA of yesterday, that didn’t have anything, my father knows no one but God, my mother knows no one but God, I will never stop worshipping God l’m already teary.

“I remember wen I always get upset about my family background, when I lacked a lot of things school school fees etc feeding was also a huge problem, I didn’t know God already picked and through me great and wealthy people will energy, I feel blessed.

“When I was younger I used to say when l’m rich I want to help people I want to give to people and also train people in school and provide squarely for my family, at 25 I was able to accomplish all of that, l am happy.

“I have fulfilled and still fulfilling the promise I made to myself and God, and lastly I am excited I will be able to give my children everything I ever lacked, IF NO BE GOD.

“To those that we share similar story, don’t give up, keep working hard don’t be intimidated, be contented with what you have, don’t fake it, just do you, lastly PRAY prayer works”.

In the meantime, Phyna celebrated her 26th year on Earth by posting some pictures on her social media accounts.

“Growing and glowing,” she says. No birthday pictures without my lucky colors Forever God’s child, 26 and sexy.

In a subsequent post, she continued, “My crown is a mirror reflection of how I make those around me feel, not because of what I have or who I am.

“My crown is not on my head; it is in my heart.”
One of the best things that has happened is dreams coming true and my relationship with God growing.

“My crown is confidence and it can’t fall off. 26 & sassy (in adjective)”

At the time of his report, Phyna received several birthday gifts and surprises from her supporters Phynation, benefactors, and friends.

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