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Groovy and Chomzy ’s New Relationship Breaks the Internet, Fans React Wildly at Alleged Betrayal of Phyna

Support for the Groophy ship came from hopeful viewers, but it was already well known that Groovy and Chomzy harbored romantic feelings for one another.

Phyna wasn’t his first or even second choice, hence it is no surprise that their relationship didn’t stand the test of time outside the house.

Groovy is a single man willing to mix it up with any of the girls now that BBNaija champion Phyna is out of the way. The public now has doubts about Groovy and Chomzy’s continued friendship.

Is it feasible that they’re just buddies outside despite the attraction they had inside the house? The two had a shared social media dialogue that has sparked new ideas.

Recently, Groovy announced on his blog that he had successfully fried a plantain. Only inference is that he was frying plantains at home.

“Plantain that got burned,” Chomzy retorted. Her response has been questioned with mistrust by fans.

How did she discover that the plantain was burned? The assumption that has followed is that she was likely in his home.

Is it a betrayal to Phyna if these two date? There have been several discussions about whether or not these two would date; we hope to learn the outcome upon reunion.

See some reactions below:

Pamella Thelejane: Phyna is doing great,she’s loved by the Whole Africa that’s what matters, Pink hair or no pink hair Phyna’s life is wonderful 🥰🥰🥰

Nancy Grace Ib Okoro: Eyaaa chomzy still forcing her way. Keep trying baby you might get there 😂

Rosita Jacinta: This two fit each other, and finally groovy has returned to where his hrt has always been

Deborah Danladi: Hmmmm that means Chomzy stays and visit groovy regularly,if not how did she manage to know that the plantain burns? This Chomzy sef nawaooo,is she not the same person that attacked Phyna in the house because of beauty? I knew she was just pretending

Ogoloma Olayile: Phyna asked groovy out, groovy asked chomzy out, the truth is an African man knows where his heart lies, he might play along from the onset but believe it that the heart wants what it wants!

Judith Wipe: If he loves chomzy but why is he not with her I am just waiting for reunion to come and the truth will come out.

Fru Miranda: Why are phynation crying everywhere under this post? We all saw how much groovy loved chomzy but, madam phyna was begging him to manage her. And when she won the show, she thought the money will keep the guy. Unfortunately, the guy come chop her money and her kpecqus clean mouth then dump her 😂😂😂 I can just imagine the styles she gave him because, in the house she said, ” if I handle man for bed he no go fit leave me” 😂😂😂😂 Finally, ” they gone cry” are the ones crying every market day 😂😂😂 just dey play 😂😂😂😂😂

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