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“I appreciate Dammy’s passion, but disagree with her action” – Queen Mercy.

Queen Mercy Atang, a popular reality celebrity, expresses her displeasure with emerging chef Dammy starting a Cook-a-Thon while Hilda Baci’s accomplishment has not been recognized.

The unknown Ekiti chef had rapidly piqued the public’s interest after taking on the audacious challenge of cooking for 120 hours – an attempt to surpass the 100 hours set by another Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, in less than a month.

Following this, there were mixed reactions, with some expressing dissatisfaction and others cheering, with some observing that the sky was big enough for everyone.

BBNaija star Queen Mercy Atang, who is enjoying her birthday today, also took the time to weigh in on the topic.

She admires chef Dammy’s zeal but disagrees with her action, which she describes as inappropriate.

She wrote:

“While I appreciate Dami’s passion, I must express my disagreement with her actions. Hilda Bacci patiently waited for five years after Lata Tondon set the record for the longest cooking time. Unfortunately, the Guinness World Records (GWR) has not yet recognized Hilda’s achievement by awarding her the certificate she deserves. This situation feels like depriving someone of their long-awaited dream and goal. It’s unlikely that anyone else would have considered attempting this feat if Hilda hadn’t done it. While competition can be beneficial, it should always be healthy and fair… my 2cents”


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