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Shella, Eloswag Addresses Adekunle’s Insult during Day 2 of the BBNaija Reunion Show.

The subject of Adekunle’s newsletter, which reportedly slandered particular faves such as Eloswag, Sheggz, and Bella, was finally addressed on the BBNaija Reunion Show.

Ebuka put the actor on the hot seat, questioning him about the alleged shade.

Christy O claimed that she quickly addressed her issues with Adekunle. He asserted that he was not disparaging anyone. Eloswag appeared to disagree with him.

Sheggz alleged that Adekunle sent out his newsletter after ordering Azul at the club. He admitted that he did not use Pepsi-sponsored monies and that everything he did was out of his own pocket.

Adekunle adhered to his tale, claiming that he was in another part of the club and couldn’t possible know what Sheggz was up to.

Sheggz admitted that he partied with his friends on the low and was unaware that it was being recorded live. Sheggz maintained that he was not flaunting for the camera.

Bella quickly stepped in to defend her lover. Bella claimed, “it was shade.” She stated that because Azul was trending online, everyone knew Sheggz paid for it.

She disclosed that, contrary to Adekunle’s claim that he was unaware of the Azul, he had to have known because it was all over the internet.

Adekunle defended his assertion, saying he was unafraid of them and that “if I want to say anything, I would.”

He praised Christy O for coming to speak to him, and he insisted that anyone who felt insulted should have done the same.

Bella emphasized that because he had not met them before going public with his newsletter, he should expect to be addressed publically as well.

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