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Big Brother Naija All Star’s Tolani Baj Spills A lot About HoH Adekunle, Issues Complaints on Living Condition

Tolani Baj, one of the highly ranked BBNaija AllStars housemates, has a lot to say about Adekunle, the first Head of House, HOH, based on how he executes his leadership job during the first two days of their stay in the house.

She told Biggie that Adekunle would make a fantastic leader because he’s cool, calm, and collected, and that he carries himself without the pride of having achieved the HoH position, so he’d have to see the other housemates as his subordinates.

TBaj, as she’s affectionately known, felt that Adekunle would do admirably, remarking that it’s a good thing he won the challenge.

She did, however, have a few complaints to make to Big Brother, most notably about the sleeping circumstances. She claims she only gets approximately 2 hours of sleep per night, which is insufficient because their wager requires a lot of energy.

She did, however, mention that it’s nice to be back, that she intends to use the opportunity to display her talent, and that her return serves as a second chance to win the grand prize.

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