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“How my mother’s absence affected my life” Big Brother Naija’s Hermes

Big Brother Naija star Hermes Chibueze Iyele discusses the tremendous influence of his mother’s absence in his life as an adult.

He stated this on the most recent episode of The Nancy Isime Show, alongside his colleague, Phyna.

Hermes explained that his father raised him and his brothers on his own, and despite this, he constantly emphasized that they should never harbor ill will against their mother.

The reality star expressed his disappointment when he saw other children’ mothers attending Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings while his own mother did not.


He said: “One significant thing I think affected me a lot was not having my mum around. A lot of people really think that me looking for my mum [when she went missing from a psychiatric centre], with all the love that I did, she was so present in my life. No. She was absent my entire life.

“My entire life was just longing to.. I will be in school. I will see people’s mums come for PTAs and what not, and I will just feel like, Oh! My God, my mum is so pretty, if she came here now, I would probably have like so many more friends. It never happened.

“The silver lining for me, why I really still have love to give, is my dad. And I think something happened in the Big Brother show, I think we were sitting in the dining room, it was an argument about how men could not.

“Someone said men could not take care of children as much as women would love and take care of them. I felt really attacked by that because my dad raised me. He did an absolutely great job. He took care of really young kids. Got a bus to hustle and train us through school. It was a lot.”

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