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“Mom I’m hungry and want to suck breast” – Erica reveals series of email she receives from die-hard fans

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim, a former Big Brother Naija and reality television personality, has revealed some of the emails she received from a devoted fan.

The emails were sent by a fan identifying as Chichibaby Amaram, and Erica stated that she receives such communications frequently.

One of the emails contains a message from a fan asking why her favorite Erica hasn’t been online or updated in a while. She inquired about Erica’s toothache.

“Good afternoon mom please are you ok this one i haven’t seen your post up till this time. Is teeth still paining you too much? Sorry mom I wish am there with you I would’ve make it go faster kisses,” the email reads.

The fan continued in another email, this time joking that she wants Erica’s breast because she selected Erica as her mother.

“Please mom am tasty i want you beasts feed plsss am hungry i want to suck please mom Come.”

In the third email, Erica explained how the supporter informed her she was unwell and that she should apologize for being sick.

“How are you? Mom am sick please tell me sorry baby plsss,” Amaram wrote.

In the final email, the supporter wishes Erica a speedy recovery from her toothache.

“Happy Sunday Mom I wish you fast recovery my beautiful. Remain Bless Sweet angel Forever In Jesus Name Amen Star Girl Star Mom.”

Erica responded by posting screenshots of the emails, expressing her delight at receiving such emails from various people.

“so cute I get emails like this from different people and it makes me laugh so much! Love you too,” See Erica responded.


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