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Els, Other Housemates talk to Biggie about their camping experience

Els, Jareed, Lerato Modise, McJunior, Mich, Mpumi, Taki and Young Pappi all popped into the diary room to speak with Biggie about their camping experience, how housemates are adjusting, and the certainty of winning their wager today.

The housemates had mixed reactions when they spoke to Biggie about their camping experience. Els in particular cannot stand camping and cannot wait to get the experience over with, while Lerato Modise and Mich think that their fellow housemates might be a bit dramatic about not enjoying life outdoors.

Jareed, Mpumi, Taki and Young Pappi all enjoy camp and find it interesting, however, Taki and Young Pappi can’t wait to wrap things up and get back to the comfort of the house. McJunior also spoke positively about his camping experience and has not had any discomfort.

Speaking about their fellow housemates, Jareed believes that some of the ladies are not happy with the camping experience, while Mich said most of those who express discomfort are just acting boujee. However, Mpumi and Young Pappi believe everyone is good and happy with the camping experience.

Thoughts about their wager

It seems camping has created a spirit of camaraderie amongst the housemates because they have been working hard and have avoided unnecessary spats while preparing for their wager presentation. The housemates noted this while speaking to Biggie.

Els and McJunior told Biggie about how confident they are of a wager win, with McJunior expressing shock at how smooth preparations have been and believes the house will do well with their wager presentation.

Jareed and Young Pappi scored the house a six out of 10, with Young Pappi expressing concerns about their preparations.

He complained about Biggie not providing detailed explanations about building certain props for their presentation and highlighted that it could have made things easier for them in their preparation for their wager presentation.

Overall, the housemates are mostly enjoying their camping experience and feeling optimistic about their chances of winning the wager.

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