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Full list of winner at the fourth annual BBMzansi Awards

The idea of celebrating each other’s uniqueness and differences was one the BBMzansi housemates could not refuse. 

Cue the light. Cue the music. Roll the carpet. Standby. The fourth annual BBMzansi Awards was live last night! The S’ya Mosha housemates have been planning an awards show after PapaGhost presented the idea to them upon his re-entry to the house earlier this week.

The BBMzansi 4 Awards were conceptualised during his stay in Big Brother’s secret cabin with Lerato Modise.

Although their surprise entry into the house was far from welcomed, the idea of celebrating each other’s uniqueness and differences was one the housemates could not refuse. 

The LeGhost produced show took three days to execute. PapaGhost and Willy spent a great deal of the evening finalising the finer details and scheduling performers who would keep the housemates entertained at the prestigious (read shady) ceremony.

The housemates were a great sport and showed up dressed to the nines, ready to receive awards for categories they were unaware of. 

Lerato Modise coordinated the ceremony’s movement order while her boo, PapaGhost was the host of the evening. The self-made awards went a little something like this: 

Awards presented by:

  • Meelay
  • HoH Taki
  • PapaGhost
  • Els, the reigning Miss BBMzansi 
  • Sinaye 
  • Mpumi 
  • Willy 

Performances by:  

  • Makhekhe
  • Jareed 
  • Liema and Mich

Full list of awards:

  • Most childish – Willy 
  • Cleanest housemate – Zee 
  • Most stylish – Chuenzaaa
  • Loudest housemate – Yolanda 
  • King of the dancefloor – Young Pappi
  • Queen of the dancefloor – Mpumi 
  • Life of the party – Mich 
  • Most quiet housemate – Meelay
  • Housemate with the wildest laugh –  Taki
  • Most entertaining – Jareed
  • Tells it like it is – McJunior 
  • Best couple – Makhekhe and Yolanda
  • Radio star award – Liema
  • Sleepy head – Chuenzaaa
  • Sneakiest housemate – Sinaye
  • Sdakwa – Yolanda
  • Most hated housemate – PapaGhost
  • Evil eye – Els
  • Face card – Liema, Mich, Zee

In true award show nature, the nominees and winners were controversial and the social streets did not hesitate to point out the awards they found questionable, and going as far as to suggest a rigged show.

The ceremony closed off with an electrifying collaboration between the Radio Star winner Liema and Mich. The awards were put together by a selection committee made up of the housemates. 

The awards were preluded by a more valid win by Willy who added another R5 000 cheque to his bag after winning the Friday Night Arena Games with a whopping 17 seconds, winning by a second after Mich came close with 18 seconds. 

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