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Liema and Yolanda are the talk of the diary room.

The S’ya Mosha housemates are a day away from their wager presentation and they are having to navigate their tensions in their creative collaboration.

They have had quite the challenging morning with the second morning alarm being Yolanda’s singing voice, and they did not shy away from sharing their thoughts with Biggie in the diary room.

The stakes are at their highest, and the pressure is on for a wager win tomorrow following a week of starvation due to their previous loss.

The housemates have a joint expectation for full focus on their task to ensure a victory, and every distratction that comes their way is received as a challenge that is set out to deter them, including Biggie himself.

The exhausted housemates spoke highly of their wager preps, with the exception a few housemates who are not pulling uo their socks, but voiced that the multiple challenges that Big Brother gives them tend to throw them off their wager game.

As if juggling Biggie’s schedule isn’t a challenge all on its own, they have to navigate the dampended mood in the house.

The root of it? Liema and Yolanda. Jareed feels thrown off by the rumours that are circulating about his ship with her.

The rumours seem to be getting to her too because housemates have noted a sensitivity to her following the revelation of Jareed’s wondering eye.

She has had a clash with Yolanda regarding her singing, a grievance Yolanda doesn’t understand because, according to her, Liema can’t even hold a note 😳.

It’s not all gloom in Biggie’s house. The housemates shared nothing but positive reviews of Disruptor Neo’s Head of House reign, citing that she has control of the house and driving a smooth creative process for the wager.

It wouldn’t be Big Brother’s house if there was no compliment that is followed up with some level of shade, with Liema comparing her reign to that of Mich, while Young Pappi expressed that her democracy in rehearsals is proving to be a blow to Lerato Modise’s ego.

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