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Slami Ifeanyi, Ex Mr Universe shot dead by unknown gunmen.

Slami Ifeanyi, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and former Mr. Universe, has passed away.

The singer reportedly died on Sunday in Anambra State after being shot by unidentified attackers, according to sources received.

The singer’s lifeless body is shown hanging from the automobile in a pool of blood in a video that went viral on social media on Tuesday. 

The musician allegedly came under attack and was assassinated near Umubere in Akwa, the state capital, while traveling alone in his Lexus.

Additionally, it was learned that the Lexus 330 was recently purchased by the former Mr. Anambra Universe, two weeks ago.

Singer and former Mr Universe, Slami Ifeanyi

Also, fans have used social media to express their condolences.

Nwanya Brnard, a fan from Facebook, wrote: “This again tore me apart! Dude was my man from way back, hardworking, focused talented handsome dude. And today I hear he is gone, all because Nigeria failed you.

“The future ambassadors are being eaten by the monster created by a dysfunctional system. St. Rita’s Hostel’s Slami Ifeanyi RIP, pal. Soon! We’ll retake our nation.

Another user Chijioke Okanmelu wrote, “I waspeechless when I got the news of your death Ifeanyi, but I’m still not believing yet because this is not what we discussed last week on the phone. What do you want you dad and your mum to do?… Rest in peace Slami Ifeanyi.”

“RIP to you dear Facebook friend, one of the cutest of them all. Rest in peace Slami Ifeanyi, so we’ll never talk again? ‘Obi agbawalam’,” another user Blessing Okonofua wrote.

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