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BBTitans: Lukay reveals reason he chose Ipeleng over Yvonne and Jenni O.

Big Brother Titans season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala evicted Housemate and reality television star Lukay has sat one-on-one with one of the show hosts Lawrence Maleka in a post-eviction interview.

Recall that Jaypee and Lukay, who were paired as JayKay, were both eliminated on Sunday during the live eviction program.

During the interview, Lukay revealed some details regarding his time and love life in Biggie’s house, particularly the predicament he was in with the female housemates.

Lukay talked about his first relationship attempt with a woman that didn’t pan out. He claimed that Jenni O. was the first lady in the House to like him, but he did not reciprocate.

He continued by saying that although he really wanted to date Yvonne, he isn’t a fan of women who wear makeup all the time. And throughout her whole time in the House, Yvonne followed her makeup routine.

But Lukay claimed that Ipeleng was the only genuinely endowed woman he had seen, so he had to pursue her. They later discovered that they got along great.

Lukay said, “I actually went there on, not a plan, but something to say that I’m going to go try and be friendly with a Nigerian lady, just to find out from the other side.

“But then, the first lady who liked me was Jenni, I did not like her back, and then I wanted to go for Yvonne, but the thing with me is that I’m a natural person. Not to reason things wrong with make-up, but I personally do not subscribe to ladies on make up every single day.

“I used to ask Yvonne one of the times, where are you going? Every morning she’s in the mirror, where re we going? Inside House, you’re seeing the same people all the time.

“And then there was Ipeleng, what a natural beauty, I’m sure I told her about that before I left, natural everything. And she’s such a genuine nice girl.

Lukay also revealed further about his moments with Ipeleng, where he opened up that most times, Ipeleng prepares breakfast for him and he does same for her too.

He added that Ipeleng used to watch his clothes and she does same as well. And this became natural between them, to extent they don’t talk helping each other.

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