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BBTitans: Ipeleng’s leadership style gets applauded, may help the housemate win this week Wager Task. 

The Big Brother Titans housemates had diary sessions with Biggie today after Ipeleng won the Supreme Veto Power Gameplay to talk about evictions, getting ready for their wager task presentation, Monday’s twist, Ipeleng holding the Supreme Veto Power, and her time as Head of House.

What they had to say about the first finalist is as follows:

Although Tsatsii wanted to win the Supreme Veto Power Gameplay, she is thrilled a girl won.

Additionally, she thinks Ipeleng is competitive, firm, amazing, and has good leadership skills, especially since this is her second time being the HoH.

Ipeleng’s win did not surprise Khosi, because she thinks Ipeleng works hard. When asked to rate the HoH’s leadership style, Khosi gave her a solid ten because she leads by example and ensures everyone does what they need to do. She also added that being the Supreme Veto Power holder works in Ipeleng’s favour as the housemates want to be top of mind come Sunday when she opens her second reward.

While Olivia’s eviction still shakes Nana, she thinks Ipeleng’s played the game well and wisely used her tactics. She added that Ipeleng excels at pushing the housemates and directing their wager task practice.

Blue Aiva
Like Khosi, Blue Aiva shared that Ipeleng deserved her win; she likes Ipeleng and sees her as a competitive sweetheart who works hard and tries to get along with everybody.

In Yvonne’s words, the Supreme Veto Power Gameplay was a “rollercoaster”; she didn’t see it coming but is happy for Ipeleng, who she sees as a soft, sweet leader who carries everybody along with her.

Although the housemates’ high level of confidence in Ipeleng to help them win this week’s 100% wager, Ipeleng acknowledged in her diary session that she was anxious because this is her first time taking the lead by herself.

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