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“Khosi Has a Child” Reactions as Khosi’s baby matter surfaces

On the show, there isn’t a housemate without a secret. Although though Khosi is one of the show’s most straightforward housemates, it is expected that she has some secrets to keep.

This is why, as the show progresses, both viewers and housemates attempt to exploit the private knowledge they have recently acquired against their adversaries.

Fans enjoy delving into the dynamics of families. Although being a single mother is usually embarrassing, this knowledge is typically kept under wraps.

This this be what sparked the recent contentious discussion and clarification.

With one child, Khosi has a motherly attachment. Some fans have made the presumption that the child is hers.

She had a discussion with housemates about the child and so many people still had questions about the birth mother of the child.

Her supporters have stepped up to dispel the rumors. They claim that this is not the first time she has mentioned the concerned child. Her niece is the youngster.

The kid scandal could have dealt Khosi a serious blow. If close to the end of the game, fans learned that their favorite player, whom they believed to be honest, was concealing a child, they would have been outraged at the hypocrisy.

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