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Here’s what motivated your faves to audition for the Big Brother Titans.

Today during a diary session, the Big Brother Titans finalists discussed their lives outside of the house and what inspired them to apply to the show.

Here is what they said.

Ipeleng claimed to Biggie that she had a protected upbringing and was constantly living in her parents’ shadow.

This did not, however, prevent her from having problems until she entered high school, and she has since experienced a lack of confidence.

She went to the audition because she wanted to break free from her upbringing and experience life independently of her parents.

Her visitation to the residence has improved her as a person and given her more self-confidence.

Ebubu: Ebubu had a difficult time adjusting to life outside the home. In order to endure his tough economic realities, he had to give up on his dream of working as a full-time actor on stage.

Yet his love for singing and acting drove him to the audition because he wanted to share his talent with the world. Although he was unsure whether he would be chosen, his leap of faith paid off.

Tsatsii: Three-time winner Biggie was told by House Tsatsii’s head that her life outside the home was repetitive and centered around school.

She made an attempt to put an end to it by trying out for Big Brother Titans.

She was also a huge fan of the show, and when her mother showed her the audition poster, it was easy for her to make a decision to audition.

Kanaga Jnr.: When Biggie asked Kanaga Jr. what drove him to the audition, Kanaga Jr. replied that he wanted more for himself, his brand, and his acting.

He wanted to be able to support his friends and family as well, and he saw Big Brother as a chance to do so.

Yvonne: A lackluster modeling career, a poor job, and a desire for more propelled Yvonne to apply for Big Brother Titans.

She confessed to Biggie that she had worked hard as an interior designer because she merely want more for herself.

She adds that other Big Brother franchises’ former housemates, whose lives were changed as a result of appearing on the show, served as inspiration.

Khosi: Khosi had a difficult time adjusting to life outside the home. She struggled with self-confidence while also making every effort to improve her life.

She also believed that she needed specific advantages before competing on Big Brother Titans, but she has now realized that she was simply overthinking the situation.

Whatever their situations were prior to entering the home, we are confident that BBTitans will help them become better people in the long run.

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