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“He’s tall, dark, and handsome” – Ipeleng opens up about her ex.

Ipeleng delved a little more this afternoon and at last revealed the details of her previous romantic involvement.

She opened up to her best friend Tsatsii and Kanaga Jnr. about her former relationship and the heartache she had experienced.

She apparently had a meltdown during her Big Brother tryouts since the heartbreak was so severe.

The two-year ship, according to her, gave nothing but love up until it hit the brakes.

She admitted that she was so hopelessly in love with the particular man in her life that she would use her mother’s credit card to indulge him.

She continued by sharing how she overcame her heartbreak after moving into the mansion.

The socials were puzzled by this because, upon entering the home, she made no mention of having an ex.

She and her ex-housemate Lukay got along right away, and after he departed, Miracle OP tried his luck.

He got evicted just as she was beginning to open up to his moves. She chose to spend the night in Miracle OP’s bed yesterday after winning the Head of House challenge for the sake of the imagined embraces, she reflects.

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