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If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on? BBTitans finalists shares with Biggie.

Ipeleng, Ebubu, and HoH Tsatsii, the current BBTitans finalists, engaged in diary sessions with Big Brother today.

They talked about nominations, evictions, and which housemates they wanted to stay until the end.

In keeping with the week’s theme of “Money, Money, Money,” Biggie also encouraged them to discuss cash and how they would use it if it were unlimited.

What they said was as follows:


Money means comfort to Ipeleng. It serves as a means to afford the life she wants. She shared that her parents gave her a comfortable life, and if wealth were in her future, she would like to build a house for them, take her grandmother on an all-expense paid vacation, buy a private jet, shop for clothes, invest, and give to the needy.


Ebubu sees money as the material you need for survival and the only thing to ensure we meet our primary needs. He has no interest in reckless spending if he gets his hands on a whooping sum of money. Instead, he would love to spend on things that will bring him peace.


After winning yesterday’s Head of House games, Tsatsii is thrilled to be closer to the whooping $100 000 grand prize. To her, money means comfort, love, freedom, and independence. If she makes a lot of money, Tsatsii hopes to help out the underprivileged because she believes everyone deserves to live an enjoyable life.

Khosi shines as Tail of House

Khosi shines as Tail of House

In other news, it’s a big deal to be the tail of the house at Biggie’s house, but Khosi seems to be enjoying the ride.

The title of Tail of the House was won by Khosi, Justin, and Kanaga Jr., although Khosi is the one carrying out Biggie’s punishment. She is wearing the tail for the first time right now.

Their penalty for performing poorly on Monday’s work was to be forced to eat with their hands only instead of using utensils. This follows their poor performance in the HoH games.

Each housemate had to complete each stage in order to advance to the next in order to win the challenge, which was a dice and coin game divided into three parts.

Many social media followers felt that the Tail of House punishment was a breeze this time, considering the previous punishment that the housemates had to execute. 

While Khosi has it easy eating with her hands, it’s a tricky one for Justin and Kanaga. 

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