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‘Imagine everyone on a planet not liking you.’ – BBTitans Khosi to BlaqBoi as they get closer.

After yesterday night’s triple eviction, Khosi and Blaqboi chatted to comfort one another and talked about how much the evictions hurt them.

Blaqboi revealed that he was upset since Blue Aiva and Nana, two individuals he cared about, left in one night.

Despite the fact that Khosi will miss Miracle OP, she has accepted her fate and is eager to see him again when she exits the Big Brother Titans house.

They also discussed how they were feeling about the evictions, the turmoil that would break out if Blaqboi asked Khosi to join him in the HoH room, and Blaqboi’s friendship with Blue Aiva, who Khosi thinks helped him open up.

After spending hours getting to know one other in the garden, Khosi and Blaqboi went to the dressing room to talk about how they felt about each other right away and how Khosi felt like an outcast among the other housemates.

She claimed that she didn’t know why they didn’t like her but that it was all out of love. While acknowledging that he could understand why some people would not like her, Blaqboi reassured her that not all of her housemates were hostile.

While Blaqboi and Khosi have been friends for a while, their recent closeness has sparked rumors among followers on social media. Some believe it to be wholesome, while others fear they may be flirting. What do you think?

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