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Justin visit to Khosi that might restore the Shaky Khobang ship. Khosi compares Thabang…

Justin investigated the Khobang ship and the reasons behind their apparent instability last night.

Justin visited Khosi in Sandton after the party on Saturday night. He inquired about her relationship with Thabang and any problems the Khobang ship were experiencing.

Khosi was quick to accuse Thabang of failing to defend her and being indecisive about their joint endeavors.

She used Yemi Cregx’s decision to choose her over Blue Aiva and make it public as an illustration to bolster her point after calling out their relationship of hiding and seeking.

Khosi further disclosed that she had overheard conversations between Thabang and other housemates regarding her and that she did not appreciate how Thabang did not defend her during those conversations.

Justin inquired about Khobang’s past and how they came to be an item in an effort to better grasp the situation.

Khosi claimed that following her altercation with Jenni O, she and Thabang began to flirt. She added that Yemi Cregx was unaware of her and Thabang’s closeness until other housemates started talking about it.

She added that because Yemi Cregx was purposefully being with her, she decided to stay with her rather than start a relationship with Thabang. Thabang continues to struggle with this quality.

Justin made an attempt to defend his friend by bringing up Thabang’s age and arguing that Khosi shouldn’t hold a 21-year-old to the same standard of maturity that she would hold a person in their thirties to.

In her reply, Khosi said that while she had previously valued what Thabang had brought to the table and wished activities had taken place outside the home, she was now unsure.

Khobang ship is really shaking.

The two, known as Khobang, are either playing tricks on us or are obviously skilled at their game.

Even though they appear to be keeping it low-key even after a few stolen kisses that resulted in PDA, the two have been growing closer over the previous few days.

Khosi has been seeing ex-housemate Yemi and has a man outside the home. Following Yemi’s departure, Thabang and Khosi became closer, but last night the ‘lovebirds’ chose to part ways since Khosi has been exhibiting indications of indecision regarding who she truly wants to be with.

The two had a 2-minute break-up a few days ago, and the next morning they were both quite happy.

The duo had a few kisses and cuddles planned for the morning. There is no love lost there because Thabang even made breakfast, which they both enjoyed in bed.

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