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Six facts about each of the six BBTitans finalists 

You have undoubtedly grown to know the BBTitans six finalists fairly well after all this time, but the following information could surprise you.


BBTitans Ebubu

He refuses to turn on a friend.
When asked if there was anything or any circumstance that would have him turn on a friend, Ebubu answered, “Nothing, I am very loyal.” Based on what we’ve seen from him over the past season, we think this is probably true.

He can mimic accents.
Yeah – he lists that as a weird talent, along with chanting.
He’s not very upfront during a break-up.
The worst way he’s ever broken up with someone? By ghosting them. Yeah, Ebubu – that’s not cool. Tempting, sometimes, we’ll admit.
He has uncomplicated taste in literature.
His favourite novel? The Da Vinci Code – which, if we may say so, is a pretty poorly cobbled-together mystery.
He really loves Chelsea FC.
Okay, so this isn’t a major surprise for anyone who has been watching the show. He has often mentioned how Chelsea is his favourite football club, but he also says that Stamford Bridge – home to the club – is his favourite place in the world.
He laughs at nerds.
No, we’re not saying he’s a bully. Come on – look at him. He’s one of the nicest guys, ever. We mean that he loves The Big Bang Theory.


She avoids conflict.
She’d rather just walk away than get involved in a confrontation. “Like, just talk to my back!”
Her favourite food is predictable.
It’s cake. Ipeleng likes cake. That is all.
She likes to travel in Africa.
When asked what her favourite place is, she answered, “Tanzania”, which is not exactly narrowing things down, really, but we’ll take it.
She keeps her literature local.
Her favourite novel is Hlomu the Wife by Dudu Busani-Dube, a love story set against the backdrop of life in a township. It’s even been turned into a highly successful series on Showmax.
She admires the Housewives.
Her favourite TV show is The Real Housewives of Cape Town. So, she keeps her television local, too.
She’ll do the dishes, thanks.
She’d rather wipe gunk off plates than put gunk on them – leave the cooking to somebody else.

Kanaga Jnr

He really likes doing dishes.
Okay, some people prefer dishes over cooking, but Kanaga Jnr seems very enthusiastic. “Washing the dishes is fun!” Really? “Fun”? That’s pushing it.
He busts a move in private.
When nobody is looking, he likes to dance. We think that might be true of a lot of people.
He won’t bless this mess.
The sort of thing that makes him really angry is when people mess up a place he has spent energy organising. We hate to break it to him, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics pretty much means you are doomed to clean the same room over and over again.
He likes to play dress up.
His guilty pleasure? “Obsessing over myself and trying out different clothes without going anywhere.” Which explains why his outfits are always on point.
He’s a fan of African theatre.
His favourite play is The Lion and the Jewel by Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka. Never heard of Soyinka? Look him up. He’s great.
He’s a fan of crime drama.
His favourite TV show is Power, the crime series created in collaboration with 50 Cent.


She’s confused about her approach to conflict.
When asked how she deals with conflict, Khosi answered, “silent treatment and confrontation”. Which are – it should be pointed out – exact opposites.
She’s not a major fan of cooking.
Khosi would rather wash the dishes than do the cooking, which should be obvious to anyone who has witnessed her efforts – or lack thereof – in the kitchen.
She’s no stranger to awkwardness.
At one point, a guy she was euphemistically “getting to know” took her to his house “while his pregnant girlfriend was there.” We’re not sure if she’s more upset at the existence of the girlfriend, the pregnancy, or merely her presence at the house.
She’s protective of her stuff.
Consider yourselves warned – Khosi does not like it when people use her things without permission. Which is fair because nobody likes it when people do that. If you don’t already know that you should now.
She likes grease.
As do we all. Her particular weakness is fries with a cheesy Russian sausage. In her words, “OMG!”
She’s a reality TV junkie.
She doesn’t just star in it, she watches it a lot. Her favourite TV shows are Catfish, Paternity Court, and Love After Lockup.


She fakes it ‘til she makes it.
Her advice for navigating unknown streets? “Never look like you’re lost.” But what if you are lost? You can put on the bravest face in the world, but by the fifteenth time you walk past the same spot, people are going to get a clue.
She has a knack for making you feel better.
While she doesn’t refer to it as a talent, she says she has a certain skill at comforting people, which is always handy to have around.
She’s cold.
She once broke up with somebody. Over the phone. Via text. Wow. Just, wow.
Her face is pretty for a reason.
She’s never been in a fight, which explains why her teeth look as good as they do.
She sneaks food.
She loves eating in bed at night with the lights off. So, a midnight snack, basically, except that she probably wakes up with sheets that have peanut butter on them.
She thinks she’s hard to read.
“I have a poker face.” What do you guys think? Is she right?


Yvonne is the only person on this list who prefers cooking.
She’d rather cook the meal than wash the dishes, and we are so with her on this. Cooking is fun, everyone loves you for it, and you don’t have to do anything after your meal. Why would anybody choose cleaning dishes, instead?
She’s been betrayed in business.
Once, she was involved in a business deal, but the people were only using her to get some documents signed off. Once it came time to share out the profits, the partners left her out of it.
She’s full of hot air, but only for short periods.
“My favourite thing to do when no one is looking is farting.”
We’ll just leave that there.
She also likes Dan Brown.
Like Ebubu, her favourite book is by Dan Brown, this time Angels and Demons. We’ve not read it. One Brown novel was enough. You cannot make us read another one.
She’s also cold in breakups.
After breaking up with somebody over the phone, she proceeded to block him on every possible platform to prevent him from ever being able to reach her, ever again. Which might be good advice, frankly.
She’s an exhibitionist (even if it’s just for herself).
“My guilty pleasure is dancing in front of my mirror, naked.” You do you, boo.

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