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Blue Aiva Fans Might Disappoint on Her Birthday, Unless…

As Blue Aiva ‘s birthday approaches, things are not looking well for her. Due to the fast approaching date of her special day and the lack of fan preparedness, there is a little amount of concern online.

Why Blue Aiva Fans Might Disappoint on Her Birthday

A prominent BBTitans fan revealed via her social media account that they have only just reached 50% of the monies promised in terms of contributions.

In a tweet, @BlueAivafanpage encouraged her followers to make the agreed-upon contributions voluntarily in order to make the planned celebration a success.

Her birthday is four days away, therefore her ardent supporters are working nonstop to prevent any setbacks.

For the past three days, they have maintained the trending hashtag #MayForBlueAiva and have not given up on their efforts to produce a memorable event that will be cherished for a lifetime.

“The strain is increasing. Diamonds Please keep moving forward. Any contribution you make towards Operation 23 will go a long way. We have only 4 days to go, and we’ve not made 50%. Please let the boys through.

Why Blue Aiva Fans Might Disappoint on Her Birthday

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