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Khosi Declared Missing By Fans, Sparks Controversial.

Khosi supporters have reported her missing. The trend started on Twitter and quickly spread around the world, evoking many responses on social media.

In what appears to be an effort to keep the singer trending, fans purportedly claimed that she was gone, after trailing Thabang and Blue Aiva in the trend polls.

Fans of Khosi appear to be pleading for a fresh strategy to keep her relevant.

Even a missing post declaring the Khosi missing was made by fans.

Khosi Declared Missing By Fans, Sparks Controversial.

The star hasn’t posted or commented on social media yet, giving this internet joke new life.

While most people understand this is merely humor, some tend to take it too far.

The tendency, according to some followers, is a response to Khosi’s entrance in Nigeria. She has stated on numerous occasions that she intends to move to Nigeria, much like her other former roommates.

She acknowledged her dread of the nation, though, after getting numerous threats from supporters, particularly Yemi Cregx fans.

Fans’ claims that she has covertly landed in Nigeria and vanished, therefore not surprising.

There is currently no evidence to support these claims. The celebrity is, as far as we know, in her native South Africa.

Khosi Declared Missing By Fans, Sparks Controversial.

We will, nonetheless, be closely monitoring this story.

As our sources work to bring this tale to a close, more information on Khosi’s whereabouts will be released.

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