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Khosi’s new boyfriend Mpu debunks getting married

Mpugeneral, a man who goes by that name on social media, has stepped out to refute the claim that he married Khosi despite not having gotten a divorce from his first spouse.

On Tuesday, May 30, Mpu made it clear in a post on his Instagram story that he is not married to Khosi or any other lady. He continues by saying that he has never brought a lady to the altar.

This has happened a few days after a video of Mpu and Khosi hanging out together appeared online. Reports indicate that Khosi and Mpu are engaged to be married or may already be wedded.

According to some accounts, Mpu is still married with children, yet he is still caught cheating on his wife with Khosi.

“I am not a married man for now, nobody should claim me, I’ve never taken any woman to the altar”, Mpu’s post reads.

Meanwhile, Khosi’s supporters have taken to social media platforms to share their resentments over the work of Khosi’s haters. The fans alleged that haters are pained because a rich young man decided to date the BBTitans winner.

One of Khosi’s ardent fans has provided the message below.

The billionaire that they spotted Khosi with has declared that he is not married and is available to mingle with the super star Khosi until their paths cross at the altar.

“Khosi and getting vindicated 5&6

“Their pain is not because she’s seen with a man, their pain is seeing a rich young man with winner Khosi, a man that does not depend on fans for cooking pots and monthly allowances, a none wandering gbola, a man that did not leave his country to go to another man country to eat amala and ewedu just for shippers gifts

“Their pain is seeing Khosi with a fine rich handsome bobo after saying no man will want to marry Khosi, their pain is seeing a rich handsome man publicly flaunting Khosi and showing her off in front of their favs malnourished eyes”.

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