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Thabang Under Fire for Triangle Ships with Nelisa/Khosi

Although Thabang ‘s interview in Nigeria is going well thus far, some BBTitans fans are criticizing him for the way he quickly disregarded queries concerning Nelisa.

Thabang made an attempt to address the topic of whether he had a relationship or fling with Nelisa while the reality show was on, but it was obvious that he wanted to dispel any rumors that he was romantically involved with the former female housemate.

Thabang Under Fire for Ships with Nelisa/Khosi

Fans were drawn to his move, nevertheless, because of the way he deftly manipulated the subject when the interviewer kept repeating that they could only recognize Nelisa’s ship with him.

Thabang expressed what he shared with Khosi, the Khobang ship, as soon as he heard the name Nelisa, emphasizing that they have all been busy and haven’t had time to relate because of the numerous bookings.

Thabang Under Fire for Ships with Nelisa/Khosi

BBTitans Star Thabang made it abundantly clear outside Biggie’s house that there will be no relationship with Nelisa.

He stated that he had no understanding how he ended himself in his current circumstance in the first place.

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