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The Reason Thabang Dumped Khosi Finally Revealed.

The ideal couple for Africa would have been Khosi and Thabang. Despite their age gap, most people wanted to see them succeed since they had such a lovely connection.

Even though they were faultless, they were still subject to scathing criticism.

Big Brother serves as a platform for individual publicity and gives the public a place to express strong thoughts that can come out negatively.

Most often, fans become so emotionally invested in a certain person or persons that their ability to make reasonable decisions is impaired. 

This can result in very prejudiced comments that may even be harmful to other show stars.

The Reason Thabang Dumped Khosi Finally Revealed.

“Drag” refers to the negativity that Big Brother supporters primarily spread on social media.

These fans are not above dragging an ex-housemate in the most disgusting way possible, which could be extremely harmful to one’s mental health.

A weak mind might find it impossible to handle the reaction that often occurs when love is shown on the show. The connection between Thabang and Khosi would have been one that garnered both favor and criticism.

Thabang, who is only a young adult who has just passed the teenage years, might have found the commotion oppressive.

A tweet that stated Thabang pulled out of every ship because he knew he would be dragged by shippers supported this theory.

He responded in support of this tweet by expressing his sincere desire to avoid conflict.

This tweet provided a wealth of information about his dread of Khosi.

Their hesitation to go on dates might not be because to a diminished attraction, but rather to the fear that one or both of them feel about how people would respond to their ship.

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