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Yemi Cregx Reveals Why He Chose Khosi Over Blue Aiva

It appears like Khosi and Blue Aiva ‘s argument will continue for some time. Regarding Yemi Cregx, these two women have continued to stir up controversy.

The actual reason Yemi Cregx selected Khosi over Blue Aiva, she believes, is because she fell for the bait and revealed.

Blue Aiva and other supporters supported the notion that Yemi Cregx only chose Khosi because of Ebuka. If you remember, Ebuka revealed the previous BBTitans Housemate to be a playboy.

When it became clear that he was misleading the two South African women, he appeared to go undercover and choose Khosi.

So, was Ebuka the reason why he picked Khosi over Blue Aiva? The answer is a little complicated. Yemi Cregx revealed, “Whatever I did in the house is based on the reaction it got in the house”.

He acknowledged that Ebuka had an impact on him. He admitted, “Ebuka telling me that kind of influenced me obviously.” He did, however, clarify that he carried out his plans.

He admitted that he believed he was being nominated because he was a playboy.

He acknowledged how reluctant he was to damage his game. He therefore attempted to alter the narrative since he felt that his Playboy reputation was having a detrimental impact on his business.

Does this imply that Yemi Cregx just remained with Khosi during the game? It will appear as though he was suggesting that. What do you think he was getting at?

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