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Again Khosi in trouble as A Nigerian Housemate Starts War, Attacks Her and Other South Africans

Khosi has been the victim of unwarranted internet bullying, which is exacerbated when it is her colleague who is lighting a match to the fire of hate.

The entire point of Big Brother Titans was to develop a bridge between Nigerians and South Africans and to heal the wounds of the xenophobic incident.


Despite the show’s organizers’ efforts to create harmony, it appears that there is still bad blood between the two cultures.

A struggle for domination and importance has resulted in divisiveness rather than progress toward oneness.

Khosi has been ridiculed for being ugly and lacking the traditional feminity status linked with female body type.

It was thought that once she left the house, she would want to prove this wrong by publishing jaw-dropping photos from photoshoots, as her Nigerian counterparts have done.

She caused a great deal of discomfort by failing to follow this track. It got worse when the photos she released didn’t show much of an improvement in her appearance. Christy O first attacked her and the MUAs in South Africa at this point.

Despite Nigerians’ attempts to explain her statement, the attack was uncalled for. Khosi’s recent trip to Nigeria resulted in a slew of beautiful photos and films, rekindling Christy O’s speaking fire.

It’s unclear whether she has a fixation with Khosi or a passive aggressive animosity of South Africans, but she has reminded viewers of the superiority of Nigerian make-up artists.

Fans are concerned about her uniqueness. Why didn’t she bring up the matter of make-up when the other South African housemates were in Nigeria, Khosi? Why is she upset by this particular housemate’s beauty?

This feels personal with Christy O, and Khosireigns has decided to reply to the attack. Despite the slant on South Africans, it is clear that it was directed squarely towards Khosi.

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