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Big Brother Titans star Khosi Reveal that ‘Yemi likes women a lot’

Khosi Twala, the Big Brother Titans winner, has revealed that her former boyfriend and lover, Yemi Cregx, likes women a lot. This was mentioned by Khosi in a recent interview on Asaase Radio Ghana.

Khosi’s interview focused on her time in the House alongside Yemi, as well as her game and how her and Yemi’s game strategies influenced each other’s games.

Khosi stated that she and Yemi liked one other but that they were not on the same page at first since Yemi needed to explore the relationship the most.

“Me and Yemi, we really liked each other, but unfortunately, I feel like we’re not on the same page in the beginning, cuz he felt like he just needed to explore and I felt like I wanna hold him down”, Khosi said.

Khosi stated that while she was trying to restrain Yemi, she noticed that he liked other women, which led them to the conclusion that they would only explore things inside the House.

When the interviewer questioned if Khosi was in love with Yemi, she replied, “I liked him a lot.”

“You wanted to hold him down, like marrying him?” says the interviewer again.

“No, because I could see he had wandering eyes,” Khosi responds.

He has a thing for ladies. He stated it to me as well. So I said, okay, we could do it, but only in the House, not outside of the House. We didn’t discuss anything outside of the House until later on.”

The South African star also stated that being in the Big Brother House makes you feel like you’re in a bubble, but once you’re out of the House and back in the real world, your perspective on things will change.

“But that was what it was, we were in the moment,” she says. Big Brother House is like being trapped in a bubble. You alter your mind about things when you get out in the real world. Things aren’t the same.
And I believe that is the same for me and him.”

Khosi valued her connection with Yemi, noting that it was enjoyable while it lasted, but she desired that people would let them live their lives and let things go.

“It was nice while it lasted, but honestly, I wish people could just like kind of let it go. We’re just on the same page. We just wanted to focus on work”, she said.

Khosi video below:

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