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I shouldn’t have gone too far with Thabang – Khosi regrets

Khosi Twala, a former Big Brother Titans participant and winner, reflects about what she should have done differently in the Big Brother House.

Khosi expresses one regret, stating that she should not have pushed her colleague and countrymate Thabang so far.

Khosi’s statement could be a reflection of her game strategy during the show, as she became involved with Yemi, Miracle OP, and then Thabang.

Khosi’s statements, on the other hand, are a defensive mechanism against what she was having with Yemi at the time and how Yemi had left her for other females in the House, per par his game technique.

“With Thabang to be honest with you, it’s just one of those things that it just went a little too far. I shouldn’t have gotten there. That was the case with Thabang…

“I mean obviously, I saw how he (Yemi) would react when I interacted with Thabang and I was like oh okay, so now he even understands what I was going through when he was doing his thing. But then, when he started like changing his way, I just couldn’t, I didn’t know how to stop. she says.

Remember that the Big Brother Titans winner had a love moment with male Housemate Yemi first. After that, he was joined with Miracle OP to form KhosiCle, during which time something else happened.

However, in the middle of the coupling, Khosi gives her heart to Thabang, who appears to have experimented with her to the point that viewers began to regard them as an ideal match.

When asked about the circumstances before to Khosi’s interview, Thabang also refuted it.

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