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Khosi Disgraced by Other Fanbase In Nigeria, Faces Violent Abuse

Due to the BBTitans show’s finale not favoring Nigerians, Khosi has been the target of intense bullying.

Because of how she played the game and the fact that she is not from Nigeria, she has received threats and insults.

If she hadn’t also been receiving support from her followers in Nigeria, it would have been a complete disaster.

She must have had a lot of Nigerian support for her to win the competition; otherwise, it would corroborate the allegations of rigging.

Up to her arrival in Nigeria, there was no way to verify the audience she attracted from Nigeria.

Usually, fans line up to welcome their favorite stars with expensive gifts and cash. The size of the fan base that greets a celebrity and the cost of gifts are typically used to gauge their excellence.

Fans of big brother have been anticipating the moment since Khosireigns fanbase, who arrived before Khosi, made a pledge to shake the internet.

The occasion turned out to be the worst letdown because the crowd that had gathered to welcome her fell far short of expectations.

The bouquet that was presented to her disappointed her even more.

Where is the big fan base that helped her win the competition? Her arrival in Nigeria has only raised more questions.

The winner of a show shouldn’t be surrounded by any commotion or hype.

Khosi, the winner of BBTitans Season 1, has had one of the worst welcomes in Nigeria when compared to her peers.

Other fanbases have viciously abused her on various social media platforms as a result of this, which has been described as shameful.

If she can’t draw a crowd, how does she merit her victory? I’m hoping the rest of her trip to Nigeria is more exciting.

Fans Reactions as Khosi face violent abuse.


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