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Khosi Supports Yemi in Achieving His Goals, Proves She is Better than Blue – Khosi Fans

Khosi has once again demonstrated that she is indispensable, and her importance cannot be underestimated.

According to her fans reaction , she has assisted Yemi in gaining internet fame.

Since she came in Nigeria, it’s been all congratulations to him.

Her latest interview also drew more attention to him. Fans have concluded that Big Brother Titans winner Khosi is accomplishing what Blue could never accomplish.

She’s not only not being passive aggressive towards him as Phyna has been towards Groovy, but she’s also bringing the appropriate type of attention to him.

Yemi, Khosi , Blue Aiva,

Yemi was recently verified. Reality TV stars crave the blue tick because it is a huge step.

It serves as a means of recognition and identity. This verification is regarded as a Khosi effect because it did not occur until she began chatting about him.

Whether the rumors are genuine or not, it is impossible to deny that she is some type of good luck charm for him.

Their early interaction in the house put them on the front lines, and it only deteriorated when it appeared that he was being disingenuous to her.

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