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OPM has ordered late Deborah Samuel’s Family out of apartment – FIJ spills

A media outlet, the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), has published Pastor Chibuzor of OPM ‘s answer to their devastating interview with the late Deborah Samuel’s family.

When FIJ visited Deborah’s family, they were open and honest about their current predicament.

Deborah’s parents claim that, contrary to Apostle Chibuzor’s claims, they were not granted a free flat and that their landlord instructed them to make their next payment immediately or evacuate the property.

Deborah’s father also revealed that he was given a nice used car that he used to perform taxi services until it developed difficulties and broke down.

Following that, the media outlet reported that the cleric singled out Deborah’s father in the church during his prior sermon to convey his disdain over the situation.

According to FIJ, the priest demanded to know who arranged for an interpreter because he knew the family only spoke Hausa.

According to the Source.

“The interview we gave, it has caused serious problems at OPM. Yesterday (Sunday, June 18), he (Chinyere) called him outside inside the congregation and said that he heard everything. ‘Who interpreted it? Who interpreted that interview?’

He asked him. He (Garba) didn’t know the person, so he told him that he didn’t know the person. It seemed you brought the interpreter from your company, he told OPM,”

The source went on to say that the pastor had moved the family onto the little estate that the church had given them, and that he had also purchased three bags of rice for them and given them N20,000 in cash.

“The pastor has now bought three bags of rice for us and handed us N20,000. Chinyere told Deborah’s family to leave their current abode and ordered that they move to the mini estate the church gave them,” the source said.

According to reports, Deborah’s family responded by saying they did nothing to harm the pastor’s reputation and are appreciative for his good gestures, but they couldn’t lie about their current living situation.

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