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The Reason Yvonne Accused Juicy Jay of using her for Clout

Yvonne Godswill, a former Big Brother Titans finalist, has accused her friend and fellow reality star Juicy Jay of using her as leverage.

This comes after Juicy Jay’s birthday celebration, which was held in South Africa and attended by Mmeli and other South African coworkers of Juicy Jay.

The allegations began after Mmeli, who was there at Juicy Jay’s birthday celebration, went live on Facetime in response to requests from followers to show Juicy Jay and Yvonne.

Then, Mmeli instantly connected with followers on Instagram live video to show Yvonne and Juicy Jay having a Facetime conversation.

As the Facetime with Juicy Jay came to a conclusion, Yvonne noticed that Mmeli had recorded it and made the decision to bring it up with him and Juicy Jay.

Yvonne claimed on Twitter that Juicy Jay and Mmeli conspired to call her and use her as leverage. She meant that Mmeli’s Facetime capture of her and Juicy appeared suspicious.

“You call only to utilize your influence? Yvonne tweeted “Goodnight please” following her Facetime with her bestie Juicy Jay.

Juicy Because Jay didn’t like what Yvonne had tweeted, he went live on Instagram and bemoaned the fact that no woman should be able to change who he is from being a lovely guy to being a horrible guy. He emotionally dejectedly ended the live video.

Following Juicy Jay’s live video response, Yvonne returned to Twitter and tweeted one of her screenshots from Pinterest that discussed loyalty and limits while also calling Juicy Jay a gaslighter.

“My biggest losses came from being too loyal… They hate you when you hold them accountable and set boundaries. Always keep it 100 … see the gaslighting”, Yvonne wrote in a tweet.

On social media, Yvonne was being dragged by online users. Because of her actions, shippers (Yvonne and Juicy Jay’s lovers) asked her to return their gifts.

“Yvonne really is a terrible woman! I always knew, but omooooooo e shock me!” exclaimed a user who goes by the handle @BigAiiisha on social media.

“You cannot slut shame Yvonne on your fav’s birthday and expect us not to react, on your fav’s special day instead of focusing on him, you turned your antenna to slut someone who did nothing to your fav! We won’t take it!”, Yvonne’s supporter had tweeted.

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