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Why Olivia accuses colleague suspected to be Yvonne of betraying her trust.

Olivia Chioma Okoro, a reality television celebrity and former Big Brother Titans housemate, has said that one of her colleagues violated her trust.

Olivia claimed that a close friend of hers, who got along with her at the House, made the decision to abandon her after their joint plan to go to Biggie’s House.

In a recent podcast, Olivia said without giving her girlfriend’s identity that she had intended to run a significant partnership with her.

She said that after she and her companion settled on the plans, they determined that it would begin as soon as possible. To her greatest shock, however, her friend decided to carry out the plan alone without consulting her.

Olivia’s tone of voice makes it rather clear that she is referring to one of her closest pals, Jenni O or Yvonne. Jenni has stated that she didn’t make any plans with Olivia, though. This leaves Yvonne as the suspect.

“We came out of the House together, like we are really close,” Olivia said in a statement. We met the individual I’m referring to in the House. We were cool when we first emerged, conversing and taking films and photos.

Then, we had something in mind to do as a group. She then said, “Let’s do this; it will be crazy.” She mailed the flyers to me. She sent everything to me. She abruptly abandoned me.

“The day I asked her about the stuff, if it still going to work out, she just diverted the topic. And all of a sudden I’m seeing the thing everywhere online, that this is actually happening. She went to do it without telling me anymore.

“We’ve met since that happened but I didn’t ask her about it. What would I start saying? But from there I see her in a different light”.

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